Rose Facial Roller


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Rose quartz is well-known for its ability to attract love, but these precious stones also have a rich history of inspiring beauty routines. According to Egyptian legend, the goddess Isis used rose quartz to maintain her divine youth and beauty. The soothing vibrations from this crystal relieve tension around the face to restore a healthy glow. Use it alone as a facial massage tool or in combination with other skin care routines. The facial roller can be used after applying morning or evening serums to help skin absorb moisture.


Benefits of crystal facial roller:

  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles by increasing blood circulation to the face

  • Assists in detoxification

  • Decreases puffiness under eyes and around face

  • Leaves skin with a healthy, natural glow


Benefits of rose quartz:

  • The ultimate stone for promoting self-love

  • Opens the heart chakra to give and receive love in all forms

  • Raises self-esteem and self-worth

  • Stimulates sexual imagination

  • Provides emotional support and healing




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