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"HOLY WOOD" Spiritual Cleansing & Protection Balm

About the product :

  • Rub onto temples or just lips and base of nose or just inhale the scent.  Palo Santo is very strong when concentrated into an essential oil so be careful not to apply to much to sensitive areas like the face.
  • Contains Organic Carnauba wax instead of beeswax so this balm is Vegan.  As a note; Carnauba wax almost feels a little rough at first touch but turns very soft as soon as it touches the skin.
  • This balm also contains Cupuacu butter also known as rain forest cocoa butter.

Disclaimer: The historical information used in the manufacture of our products was passed down to Virginia Boone, by her father Sam Boone, a Navajo herbalist. The knowledge behind them derives from Navajo oral tradition that has been in the Boone family for generations. Statements about the manufacture and use of these products are not intended to represent or imply suitability for diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of any disease. Nothing in the names or descriptions of these products should be taken as medical advice for any given problem. 

About the brand:

In 1995 my partner and I started a company called (Medicine of the People), using traditional knowledge of Plants that was given to me by my father, Sam Boone. My memories of my dad selling herbs on the Navajo Reservation and of his belief that “in order to heal himself he had to help his people” were the inspiration for our company Medicine and products. For many years we have traveled to Powwows, Conferences and Native American events, selling herbs for medicinal and ceremonial use. We have crafted herbal salves and made creams, massage oils and tinctures from native plants we have gathered.


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