Cell-u-firm - Detox Rx


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Smooth out the look of cellulite’s spongy “orange peel” look with this specially concentrated gel. Caffeine, Niacin, Horse Chestnut and an incredible blend of 12 potent essential oils renew skin at the cellular level for a smoother, firmer appearance. Fast-absorbing formula helps reduce fatty deposits and excess water retention on thighs, arms and midsection.
In order for the stimulants to work to their fullest capacity, the aloe vera is used to carry the ingredients deep into the cellular walls – giving an open pathway to work their magic on stimulating the lymphatic system and blood circulation.
Used regularly, Cell-U Firm Body Gel helps to improve the skin structure and reduce fat deposits on thighs, hips and stomach. The gel helps to increase the blood circulation and cell metabolism. The tissue becomes firmer and tighter. This means that the dimples that are visible on your skin will slowly begin to disappear and give way to healthy looking skin.

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