What are the 3 main reasons why guys should get facials ?
Well, let me tell you.

  1. Letʼs be honest most men do not have a normal skincare regiment. When guys come in for a facial I teach them what products to use, the best ingredients for their skin type and give them a daily routine to follow.

  2. Men produce more oil than women do because of higher testosterone levels. In a facial treatment acids and enzymes are used to digest the oils and help with extractions. This results in a more clear and healthy complexion.

  3. After a treatment the shaving experience will be much more enjoyable. With the magical mix of light exfoliation, steam, essential oils, masks and cremes, the negative side effects of shaving will start to improve. Practice makes perfect !

Men's Facial

(50 mins) - $100

A manʼs skin needs special attention. Conditions such as razor burn, sun damage, dehydration, and excessive oiliness can be greatly reduced with regular facials. This treatment delivers healthy long-term results by using a combination of Son For Men and Lotus Moon Skincare products. No girly stuff here!

Proudly using Lotus Moon products

Proudly using Lotus Moon products

Proudly using Son for Men

Proudly using Mystic Man Beard Oil