Overnight Skin Revival-Firm and Refine Night Gel


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Recommended for: All – Mature – Sun damaged - Oily

pH: 4.0

Features: 72% organic, vegan, gluten-free

Overnight Skin Revival (formerly known as Firm and Refine Night Gel).

We have given it a makeover. We increased the algae content for more antioxidant benefits and to give it its lovely green hue.

It is a natural and organic nighttime firming treatment that combines active ingredients glycolic and lactic acids.

This combination helps lift away dead cells and promote the growth of new ones – without being too harsh.


  • Helps improve skin texture and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and hyper pigmentation
  • Assists in the prevention of clogged pores without over-drying
  • Helps to tighten and strengthen tissue


Lactic acid – not only provides rich hydration and softens the skin, but also exfoliates without causing irritation; treats pigmentation discolorations and reduces wrinkles.

Glycolic acid – removes dead cells, smooths skin texture and reduces the signs of wrinkles. Since it is a smaller molecule it is able to penetrate cellular walls and actively stimulate collagen production and cell turnover.

Blue Green Algae– Sourced from Oregon’s Cascade Mountains, blue green algae is the most nutrient intact algae available in the world. It is a complete balance of the entire B-Complex of vitamins (including B-12) as well as high levels of vitamin A and C. Blue green algae have a high protein content which strengthens skin and is made up of 22 amino acids. Studies now show that Blue Green algae has been linked to increased Adult Stem Cell growth, which are cells that the skin needs to repair itself.

Aloe Vera – contains almost 20 amino acids, minerals like calcium, magnesium and sodium in sufficient quantities; enzymes, vitamins, and polysaccharides, that make it a miracle beauty herb; improves the skin's ability to hydrate itself; extensive research supports aloe vera’s ability to reduce inflammation. It contains salicylic acid and sterols, both of which work to inhibit inflammation. Aloe also have antimicrobial properties that are beneficial in controlling P. acne.


Cleanse and tone the face and neck with the appropriate products. Always follow with sun screen.


Aloe Barbadensis (Organic Aloe) Juice, Glycolic Acid (5%), Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Lactic Acid (3%), Aphanizomenon Flos-aquae (Organic Blue Green Algae), Sorbitol, Gluconolactone, Sodium Benzoate.

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